13 DIY Backyard Games and Play Structures

If you have a big backyard you should take advantage of the space you got and start inviting friends over and even start some awesome competitions. You can play a variety of games in your backyard, one more exciting than the other. These games can work for adults and kids alike, because your backyard should offer you as well your kids the time of their lives. Here are a few suggestions that will surely keep the party going:

1. Pipe Ball Lawn Game
2. Have a miniature golf course
3. Ladder Golf game
4. Think of your kids, too and have a sandbox in your backyard where your kids can play
5. Cornhole Game
6. Have a lemonade stand; your kids will learn how to make fresh lemonade and get the idea of a fun job
7. Kubb (aka Viking Chess) Game
8. Water Rocket
9. Shishkaball Game
10. Build an outdoor fort
11. Ricochet game
12. Soccer goal
13. Hide and seek in a treehouse

13 DIY Backyard Games and Play Structures



Mar 2013
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