24 Things To Make With Mason Jars

Mostly everybody these days has some mason jars lying around. The truth is that if you set your mind to it, you can create something spectacular out of nothing. And it won`t cost you a fortune either. You just need some free time, some other items and ta-da, you’ll end up having beautiful home decor with the help of mason jars. Here are some tips that will help you create some crafty stuff.

1. Mason jars-a display for photos
2. Three layers of barbecue in a jar
3. Blender for fizzy drinks
4. A delicious cake in a jar
5. A mason jar can be turned into a lantern
6. Mason jar lights

7. Jar votives can be the perfect gift indeed
8. Mason jar centerpierce-essential for your home décor
9. Mason jars used as mold for beeswax candles
10. A chandelier made from mason jars
11. A simple yet effective mason jar organizer
12. Mason jars to serve as storage for your condiments in the kitchen
13. Mason jar storage for the pantry
14. Salt and pepper shakers from simple mason jars
15. A soap dispenser
16. Mason jar pincushion
17. Mason jar terrarium
18. A garden in your house with the help of mason jars
19. Lettered mason jars: add an interesting text on them
20. Mason jar mercury glass-a  touch of vintage
21. Blue tinted mason jars
22. From mason jars to awesome party cups
23. Christmas images displayed in mason jars
24. Christmas lanterns

24 Things To Make With Mason Jars



Jun 2013
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