25 Crochet Techniques To Learn

A relaxing hobby such as crocheting has the tendency to become an art form.  Here are 25 challenging crochet techniques that engage your inner artist:

1. Crochet in the round
2. Crochet in front loop only and /or back loop only
3. Working with two colors at once
4. Making crochet motifs (like granny square)
5. Joining squares to create an afghan
6. Broomstick lace crochet
7. Filet crochet
8. Hairpin lace crochet
9. Irish lace
11. Cro-tat
12. Double-ended hook crochet – Cro-hooking
13. Aran crochet – making crochet cables
14. Tunisian crochet
15. Mosaic crochet
16. Overlay crochet
17. Amigurumi
18. Bavarian Crochet
19. Bruges Lace
20. Freeform crochet- no rules/ just art
21. Catherine’s Wheel stitching
22. Felting
23. Hyperbolic crochet
24. Finger crochet
25. A craft for your yarn – such as spinning or dyeing


25 Crochet Techniques To Learn



Feb 2013
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