50+ Projects to Make From Aluminum Cans

It is impressive what you can do with aluminum cans. That’s right, aluminum cans can be the perfect solution for a “do-it-yourself” project. They can work as home decor, jewels, pieces of art, you name it. Below, you will find a list with some great ideas and tips on how you can manipulate aluminum cans to practice your imagination.

1. Aluminum cans mosaic.
2. A beautiful upcycled can clock
3. Some artsy items made out of aluminum
4. A trendy can bracelet
5. Aluminum flowers turned into bracelets
6. Big flowers made from old drinking cans
7. Aluminum can wreath made of can leaves
8. Soda cans turned into flower pins
9. Simple, yet beautiful aluminum can flowers
10. Interesting starlight shaped soda cans
11. Soda cans can also serve as coasters
12. Recycled drink cans can be part of your home décor: star shaped drink cans
13. Long earrings out of aluminum cans
14. Heart shaped earrings that are painted red
15. Be creative and make your own Angry Birds game out of aluminum cans
16. A soda can can be the perfect ashtray
17. There is nothing better than a gift tag made of aluminum cans
18. A fancy candle holder
19. Necklace from recycled can, nobody can tell that it’s made from aluminum
20. Aluminum can butterflies
21. Flower pendants
22. Realistic butterflies
23. Festive stars that would look great in your Christmas tree
24. Rock jewelry made from aluminum cans-be the star of the party or the concert
25. Poinsetta wreath, a great use of aluminum
26. Heart shaped pendant
27. An impressive light catcher
28. Round shaped earrings with a famous logo
29. An aluminum can box for your jewelry
30. A glamorous soda can purse
31. Soda can bracelets
32. Aluminum can flowers for your garden
33. Aluminum can and crystal earrings
34. A set of fine looking aluminum can hearts can make for the perfect necklace
35. Square shaped pendants
36. Shiny looking pendant
37. An incredible rose pendant made solely out of aluminum cans
38. Create an awesome keychain with the help of soda cans
39.  Who knew that aluminum can can turn into the perfect hair clip?
40. Angel ornaments for an enchanted Christmas
41. Use pull tabs to crochet a flower
42. A Coke can turned into a star shaped Christmas ornament
43. Pop tabs turned into bracelets
44. Fridge magnets from recycled cans
45. Soda can lanterns
46. A drink can turned into a firefly
47. Make your own cookie cutters by using aluminum cans
48. Oriental looking bracelets
49. Painted soda can girl
50. A can basket
51. An upcycled soda can

50+ Projects to Make From Aluminum Cans



Feb 2013
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