Detox Water

If you like to stay in shape or if you want to get rid of the toxins that lie dormant in your body, you should try drinking some detox water. You will use two lemons, three quarts water, 10 up to 12 mint leaves, ½ cucumber and that’s it. You can add fresh ginger if you like its taste. This recipe takes only five minutes but its effects are almost instant. This recipe gives you about 10 up to 12 glasses of detox water and you should let the mixture blend in for 8 hours or overnight. You simply have to slice the lemons and the cucumber and place them all at the bottom of the pitcher. You can then throw the mint leaves, too and you add water. Let it chill overnight or more than 8 hours. Drinking detox water alone doesn’t help you lose weight. It does wonders on your skin; you won’t feel dehydrated anymore and you won’t retain so much water. You will see these effects almost instantly. But in order to stay fit, you must have a balanced diet, eat healthy and exercise at least three or four times per week.

Detox Water



Feb 2013
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