DIY 60 Shell Crafts

Our beautiful seashells collection can be used in creating many decorative objects such as photo or mirror frames, wreaths and even hair clips. Here is a list of 60 shell crafts and the places where you can find them:

Colorful Driftwood Shell Wreath
Shell Wreath
Shell Wreath and Starfish Garland
Clamshell Wreath
Seashell Wreath
Colorful Shell Wreath
Mussel Shell Wreath
Shell & Starfish Kissing Ball
Shell Flower Pots
Shell Planters
Seashell Planter
Shell Embellished Planters
Clamshell Centerpiece
Hanging Shell Planters
Shell Flowers
Shell Bouquets
Shell Path Lanterns
Sand and Shell Centerpiece
Oversized Shell Tealight Centerpiece
Shell Candles
Metallica Shell Candle Holders
Adding Interest to Walls with Shells
Oyster Shell Mirror
Seashell Mirror
Shell Shadow Boxes
Shell Embellished Frames
Shell Filled Lamps
Shell Nightlight
Seashell Nightlights
Seashell String Lights
Showcase Shells in Lucite Boxes
Simple Shell Vase Display
Glass Globe Shell Display
Shell Filled Bottles
Seashell Topiary Trees
Mixed Shell Trees
Beachcomber’s Tree
Hanging Shell Wind Chime
Shell Wind Chimes
Use Shells to Decorate a Journal
Seashell Sprayed Stationary
Shell Embellished Packages
Seashell Soap Dish
Oyster Shell Dish
Shell Ornaments
Seashell Sail Boats
Shell House
Decorate Pastry & Pie Crusts by Pressing with Shells
Shell Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots
Shell Skewers
Shell Place Settings
Seashell Place Cards
Shell Tablecloth Weights
Shell Embellished Tote Bag
Shell Bobby Pins
Seashell Hair Clip
Shell Embellished Flip Flops
Printed Seashell Pillows
Shell Stamped Sheets

DIY 60 Shell Crafts



Feb 2013
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