DIY Adirondack Chair Tutorial

What can be more relaxing in summer afternoons like sitting on a comfortable chair from your porch, with a good book and a fresh summer drink?  Adirondack chairs are the best choice for this kind of “therapy” and making one can be cheaper and better than what you can find on the market. For this project you will need: 8 cedar fence boards- 5 feet long and 6 inches wide, outdoor grade 1” wood screws, waterproof wood glue, pencil, tape measure, drill and saw.

1. Build the arm structure of the chair
2. Attach legs
3. Attach a crossbar across the front of the legs to establish the seat weight
4.  Attach the back legs
5. Make rear support for the seat
6. Attach seat
7. Attach seat back
8.  Optionally reinforce chair arms

DIY Adirondack Chair Tutorial



Mar 2014
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