DIY Foyer Table

If you want to revive your foyer with an interesting design, you can try this easy project. Try using a narrow table as support for holiday decorations, theme party decorations, framed photos and lamps. You should buy some deck posts (you can find them in the lumber department and they are very cheap, under $8 each) and use them as legs for your foyer table.

Cut some parts of the deck posts (2” off the top of the deck posts and 4” off the bottom). The deck posts should be turned upside down because they look better this way. You can use a nail gun and some wood glue to put all the pieces together. Just to be on the safe side add some corner brackets to make sure the table won’t move.

The tools that you’ll be using are: a table saw, miter saw, a nail gun, an air compressor, a drill, corner brackets and screws. You can even use a window frame or a very old window to be your center piece. You should also paint the table. Don’t use too many coats of paints; if you let the wood show, the foyer table will make the room look cozier.

You can also rub some ebony stain on the table; you can also rub the stain on the painted surfaces, too. You can also buy some lamps to decorate the new foyer table.

DIY Foyer Table



Jun 2013
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