DIY Rain Chains

The rain chains found in stores are pretty standard and most designs are rather dull. If you’re looking for something more spectacular you can take some time and try to come up with some original rain chains, that would surely match your awesome house.

Here are some ideas that you can try out at home and come up with some rain chains that you’ll really love. A copper rain chain always reminds you of the steampunk style and it makes the water fall down in a very interesting way. It creates a nice sound when the wind is blowing.

You can also use copper tubing for a rain chain. One of the most spectacular rain chains would have to be a rain chain made of beach glass stones and river stones. You can also use some sea shells, too. If you are looking for a bright colored rain chain use some ceramic pottery cones that are very decorative.

They also sound beautiful when the rain falls or when the wind blows. If you love nature, you’ll definitely love having a pine cone rain chain.

DIY Rain Chains



Jun 2013
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