Keep Your House Clean With 1 Chore Per Day

Not many people enjoy cleaning but we all like to have a spotless house. If you get accustomed with a certain routine cleaning comes easier and let’s face it faster. Getting used to a routine will make you be better and faster at what you do. So if you stick to one chore per day, your house can be kept clean for a very long time with no problems and without too much time spent scrubbing and dusting and cleaning. Of course there are daily chores that you should always follow such as washing the dishes, taking the garbage out or picking up stuff and put them where they belong. At first, some tasks will take half of hour of your time per day, but once you get the hang of it you’ll manage to do the chores in less than 15 minutes. You can also write the schedule down and pin it on your fridge to remind you what you have to do on that particular day. For better results you can make a calendar entry in your phone and set the alarm to go off when you have the time to do that chore. You can use Monday to do little chores that don’t take too much effort and time from your part. You can make Monday your laundry day. You can start first thing in the morning and wash the clothes throughout the entire day. When night comes you can fold the laundry while watching TV. On Mondays you can also gather the scattered items lying in your house and put them where they belong.  To make your life easier for the next days, on Monday you can vacuum the main rooms while picking in the same time the things that don’t belong in a particular room. On Tuesdays you can take care of your bathrooms. You can replace the dirty towels and wash clothes, you can clean the toilet, the tub or shower, the sink, you can wipe the floors and drawers or cabinets, and you can clean your mirror and add more toilet paper in the room and clean towels. You can also add some potpourri. Wednesdays can be dedicated to surfaces. Basically you start dusting, wiping, sweeping, vacuuming every surface in the house till everything looks spotless. Don’t forget to pay attention to your windows and kitchen utensils etc. Thursdays are easier and you can clean something that needs to be cleaned or you can organize some spaces. Maybe arrange your makeup drawer or arrange your wardrobe. On Fridays you can vacuum all the rooms and you can arrange things to make the house seem organized. At first, you might have to scrub more the surfaces but once you do these things weekly, not a lot of dirt will pile up and the dust won’t even settle in if you clean your house on a regular basis. You can change the chores and pick different days for them, depending on your job, on your kids and on your husband. You can also ask him to join in to waste less time on cleaning. If you have kids, you can stay with the kids and you husband can do the chores or you can switch places: he can baby sit while you clean and on and so forth. If the kids are bigger you can ask them to lend you a hand.

Keep Your House Clean With 1 Chore Per Day



Apr 2013
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