Make A Clay Pot Lighthouse

A beautiful painted lighthouse will wrap your garden in mystery and will bring joy to the kids. You can also build it together and have a lot of fun. All that is required for making one is: 3-4 different sizes clay pots, spray paint- 2 or 3 colors of your choice, acrylic paint, paint brushes, additional patterned stickers if you wish, and crafts glue.

Spray paint each pot in the desired color and let dry. Assemble the pots, in the shape of a tower using the biggest as the base and the smallest as the top and glue them together. Paint some simple decorative elements like: small windows, a door, stone/brick wall pattern, and apply your preferred stickers.

Place your lighthouse in the desired place and top it with a lantern for a more genuine design! Have fun!

Make A Clay Pot Lighthouse



Jun 2013
POSTED IN Handmade Ideas

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