Make Wall Art Using Styrofoam

Who would have believed that Styrofoam can prove to be excellent when it comes to wall art? You need four 12″ x 12″ x 15/16″ pieces of Styrofoam,  four 12″ x 12″ sheets of black and white scrapbook paper and some black grosgrain ribbon (make sure it’s wide, 7/8”), one bottle of Aleene’s Original Tacky glue, one bottle of Tombo Mono Aqua liquid glue and four wall hangers. After you have gathered all the supplies that you need you can proceed to glue the paper to the Styrofoam using the liquid glue. Use the Tacky glue to stick the grosgrain ribbon near the perimeter of the foam squares. After the glue dries you can attach the hangers to the back of the foam. The great thing about this project is the fact that it’s doable in a very simple manner. It will surely light up your walls. You can buy the supplies from mostly any hardware store and the costs won’t exceed $50. Since the squares are light you can hang them up a wall even using a straight pin. That’s good news since you won’t have to drill big holes in the walls. You may also want to try out different types of glue or adhesive, because most types of glue ripple the paper.

Make Wall Art Using Styrofoam



Feb 2013
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