Mason Jar Solar Lights

It’s incredible how many things you can do with mason jars. For example, it takes just three materials to create these wonderful mason jar solar lights. Your garden or your patio will look great under the moonlight as well as under the solar lights you’ll install. What exactly do you need in order to start work?

You need mason jars with rings, glue or double sided foam tame and stake solar lights. There is a tricky part when it comes to this project. You have to look for solar lights that have removable tops and you need to find the mason jars that actually fit the lights. After you got that figured out, the costs are minimal.

For example, the lights are $2 each. If the solar lights are too small compared with the mason jar ring, use the double sided foam tape to make it wider so it fits the jar like a glove. You shouldn’t remove the paper off the other side of the tape and make sure to have access to the on/off switch.

Make a cap through the lid that can be removed whenever you want to. This way you’ll have access to the switch. Let the new “lights” lie in the sun for 4 to 8 hours then watch how they light up your garden during the night.

Mason Jar Solar Lights



Jun 2013
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