Pinecone Snowman

Here is a cute and fun Christmas DIY activity for your kid, that will take just about an hour and involves materials like: pinecone, blue, white and black craft paint, 2 craft sticks, 2 toothpicks, brown, blue and orange chenille stems, a little piece of blue fabric for the scarf, a little piece of blue felt, 2 small blue pom poms, 2 small white pom poms, scissors, paintbrush and craft glue.

Paint pinecone white, craft sticks blue and let dry. Shape small blue fabric strip into a scarf and wrap around the neck of the snowman.

Glue the little piece of blue felt as an ear muff band and attach blue pom poms on the sides. Glue the blue craft sticks under the snowman’s bottom for the skies and the white pom poms to the ends of the toothpicks. Cut chenille stems in small pieces and glue them on- the brown for the arms, the orange for the nose and the blue for hanging.

Insert and glue ski poles into the hands of the snowman, apply tow black dots for the eyes and your snowman is ready!

Pinecone Snowman



Mar 2014
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