Things to Make From Old Dishes

Old dishes can be repurposed in many ways, creating new and interesting objects. Even broken dishes can be part of an artistic creation. So, reconsider throwing your old, broken dishes! Here are 50 ways of using them:

1. Thrift-store plate mirrors
2. Teacup Clock
3. Jewelry Bowls
4. DIY treat stands
5. Perfect Personalized
6. DIY Tiered Stand
7. Tea cup and saucer lights
8. Upcycled China
9. Wooden Pedestal Bowls
10. Trash Chandelier turned Dessert Tray
11. Sharpie coffee mugs [starfish] 12. A Valentine’s Craft
13. Cake stand DIY
14. Dollar mug decorated
15. Leaf Plate: Sharpie Art
16. DIY Decorative Plate: Collage on Glass
17. Broken China Jewelry
18. Teacup pincushion
19. Key Ring Dish
20. Capiz shell tidbit stand
21. Tea cup candles
22. Broken China Pendant
23. Fancy cake stand
24. Reclaimed Tea/Wine Glasses
25. Fairy teacup lights
26. Quartet Chandelier – Electric
27. Vintage Cake Tin to Lamp
28. Platter to Mirror
29. Teacup Hangers
30. Two Turtle Doves
31. Make a Mosaic Flower Pot
32. Broken China Mosaic
33. Bowl to Decor
34. Garden Art from Up-cycled Dishes
35. Anthro Knock Off Lamp Tutorial
36. Tupperware Lamps
37. Vintage White Enamel Rectangle Baking Dishes
38. New life to old dinnerware
39. Decoupage Plate Frames
40. Photo Plate DIY
41. Glass Paint Dollar Tree Garden Art
42. DIY: Paper Plate Clock
43. Plate Stand Storage
44. Funfetti Cake Plate
45. Upcycle Bowl Bird feeder
46. Chalkboard Plate Craft
47. Repurposed Redesigned Dishes
48. Mosaic photo frame
49. K Cup Storage from Cake Pans
50. Teacups bracelets


Things to Make From Old Dishes



Feb 2013
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